IMG_6512 We’re excited to introduce a new framing product that can help instantly transform any existing mirror in it’s current place or be built with a new mirror. 

Frames can easily be installed over existing mirrors EVEN beveled mirrors. 

Dress up your existing mirrors. No need to replace that plain bathroom mirror or outdated mirror. 

 Easy solution to cover up black edges on older mirrors. 

No mirror. No problem. Create your custom frame from over 60 styles and we can add the mirror for you. 

Safe to install or use in environments that are prone to moisture, steam or wet conditions such as bathrooms. 

Made to order with fast turn around! 

Can be made in ANY size rectangle or square shape.  No need to buy stock sized frames or over pay for a custom sized mirror or frame. 

LED mirrors to brighten up your space. 

We have sample boards in stock so call or email us to set up an appointment to view options in our showroom.

See More Mirror Makeover Pictures Here

Stock frame pic 3Framed Stock GoldFramed stock silver Frame Stock Pic 4 IMG_0823