Kevin Williams was the original owner and operator of J.A.C.K.S. Glass, Inc.  He began his career by undergoing a rigorous apprenticeship in a custom glass shop. He has trained Mike to follow in his foot steps of becoming a master glazier and trained Amy on running our family business.

Benny, an Irish Setter and Maggie our most recent rescue Goldendoodle can be found at the shop or in the truck with Kevin or Amy. They both enjoy playing with our children Jackson and Ellie after school each day, laying under our desks, and playing frisbee! They are the very best of friends and love greeting our clients!

We are a family business through and through and we all know that it truly is a team effort!



J.A.C.K.S. Glass, Inc. is the premier glazing contractor in the High Country. Our background allows us to provide anything from simple solutions for everyday glass and mirror needs to intricate, detailed and specialized jobs.

We are a family-owned and operated business. Kevin Williams owned and operated the business and retired in 2022, passing ownership to his daughter, Amy and son-in-law Mike who have worked with the family business since they returned home to the mountains in 2012. Mike has worked under Kevin’s guidance for the last 10 years and handles anything from estimating, ordering, and installing. Amy left her career after a decade in the nutrition field to come on board full-time in 2019. Her goal is to help manage operations and growth as our business demands continue to climb.

Our name stems from our value in family. The acronym J.A.C.K.S stands for the names of each member of Kevin’s family. J stands for Kevin’s son Jason, A stands for his daughter Amy, C for his wonderful wife Cindy (who have been married for 40 years!), K of course for Kevin and S for Smurf our beloved dog who has since passed away.

Our family has grown over the years as well as our business. Jason and Amy even joke they were raised in a glass shop! It is rumored that Kevin and Cindy built their new glass shop next to the elementary school so they could walk their grandkids, Jackson and Ellie, to school each day!

We are proud of our reputation and rely heavily on repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. We pride ourselves on our service, reliability, and commitment to our customers. Let our family help you and your family with all your glass and mirror needs!

Jones Family